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The Isotopologue Batch Extraction system (IBEX) has been developed in conjunction with the Imperial College London carbonate group. The system is designed to automate the process of carbonate sample preparation for analysis by a suitable isotope ratio mass spectrometer. The system is compatible with the Thermo 253. The systems features include: 40 position auto-ampler Sample size 3 to 15 mg (pure carbonate) Fully automated cryo-traps, temp range (-197 to +250 o C) Sulphur traps with controllable bake-out GC with controllable helium flow (1 to 15 PSI) GC with controllable temperature (-197 to +250 o C) Micro-volume inlet. Powerful method editor fully integrated with ISODAT For further information contact:
IBEX Clumped Isotope System
Automate your sample preparation with ease and confidence
Capra Laser Sample Introduction System
Automate your sample preparation with ease and confidence
The Capra is an automated gas sample inlet for laser isotope systems. The system can inlet CH 4  or CO 2  in standard format. The system has both sample and reference bellows, allowing inlet sample and reference gas pressure to be controlled. The systems features include: Ajustable bellows to control sample pressure inlet to TILDA. Automated cryo-trap, temp range (-197 to +250 o C). Three automated reference gas inlets. Two baratron pressure gauges. Control centre software with editable methods.